Asiatica Travel with power and vision of Vietnamese intellect

Started as a small business with only 5 members in 2001, Asiatica Travel has become one of the most famous inbound tour operator for European customers in Vietnam. Let’s have a talk with Ms. Vu Lan Anh, CEO of Asiatica Travel, to have a better understanding of Asiatica’s journey of development and their humanistic philosophy through the interview below:

Hello Ms. Lan Anh, firstly I want to congratulate Asiatica Travel on receiving the “Vietnam Top Brand 2019 Award”. Can you share your feelings after receiving the award?
Hello audiences, on behalf of Asiatica Travel, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Asia Business Center for facilitating us to receive this award as well as our beloved customers, who have supported Asiatica Travel throughout our last 18 years of operation. After acknowledging that Asiatica Travel was awarded in Vietnam Top Brand 2019, a lot of our customers from France, Italy, Spain, etc. have sent us their congratulatory messages. This is a great encouragement for both Asiatica’s management and staff. The more trust we gain from customers and organizations, the more we are responsible for improving our services.

Dear Ms. Lan Anh, can you please introduce us a little bit about Asiatica Travel so that our audiences can have a better understanding of your company?

Yes of course. Asiatica Travel is a privately owned tour operator company with 100% capital established in 2001 with main customers from European countries such as FranceGermanyItalySpainUnited Kingdom and some Asian countries, namely Israel, Singapore, and Malaysia. We organize private for groups such as couples, families or groups of middle-aged friends. Our tours are not SIC tours with a scheduled itinerary but private tailor-made tours. Our travel consultants will design tour programs based on customers’ preferences and desires. Despite being a Vietnamese enterprise, Asiatica Travel has a vision of development towards globalization with branch offices in Hue, Ho Chi Minh City, Siem Reap (Cambodia) and Roma (Italy).

The model of private and tailor-made tours is really interesting, so could you explain more about these two concepts?
Thank you for the question. The concepts of private tours and tailor-made tours are quite new in Vietnam but it is very familiar to customers in developed countries and people who have long-standing travel habits like in Europe. We do not sell tours organized for large groups with a fixed price and departure dates but design tours based on target customers’ interests, budget and time. In other words, we proactively embrace the needs of customers to create travel products that are as close as possible to their insight. That is also the outstanding competitive advantage of Asiatica Travel. I believe this will be the future trend of tourism in general.

Ms. Lan Anh, in the current globalization trend, there are a lot of multinational corporations with strong capital flows and advantages in understanding the market are dominating the tourism industry. So which resistance does Asiatica Travel have to stand fast under these dominations?
Asiatica ourselves does not see that trend as a challenge, but rather an opportunity. As a young and dynamic business, we can totally learn from international businesses and combine with our advantages of being a local company to grow steadily. We deeply understand our country and people in Vietnam. Also, we have a Product Department that acknowledges every corner to design the most unique travel services, for example, street food tour in the deep corners of Hanoi Old Quarter, or trekking routes in remote villages in Northwest mountainous area. Another strength of Asiatica Travel is that we have dynamic employees, who graduated from foreign language universities. They are both knowledgable in customers’ psychology and hardworking, as Vietnamese people always are. We can say that Asiatica Travel is a bridge that connects the East and the West of the world.
Being one of the pioneer inbound tour operators for international customers, what are the things that make Asiatica develop continuously and achieve success as today?
For Asiatica, the 18-year development journey is not really long for a business. We still find ourselves a young business and there are lots of things to learn. However, during those 18 years, we have faced many challenges. We have overcome these difficulties thanks to the company’s philosophy: we are a community-oriented business. Our business is built on the willpower and intellect of the Vietnamese people. We spend $1 per each tour sold to donate to the Asiatica Foundation Fund, which supports disadvantaged children and poor households in the countries that we run the tours.  We also offer plenty of training programs and career orientations for foreign languages and tourism students.  At Asiatica, we believe that the more value we give, the more we receive.

In the future, does Asiatica Travel have any specific vision and direction of development?
Asiatica Travel always has a long-term vision for the development and expansion of the company. Our company is currently planning to organize tours to further destinations such as Myanmar, Indonesia or Sri Lanka to create more options for customers instead of just covering 3 countries in the Indochina area. In addition, we are also researching new target customers from South Korea, China, and Portuguese-speaking countries.
Thank you very much and hope that Asiatica Travel will achieve more and more success in the future

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